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Dear Scientist,

Knowledge is treasury of humankind, thus scientists are the treasurers of humanity. The scientists have a great right among the people of the world.

There are many scientists worldwide, in all fields of knowledge, who retire and become inactive against their choice. The great amount of knowledge and more importantly the experience that they have accumulated over many years, which may be considered a non-replaceable treasure, becomes lost. These scientists still have a lot to contribute to the well being of humanity. While humanity loses their contributions, they feel unhappy entering a life style where they find themselves, at best, less useful. Billions of dollars spent to prepare these people to be instruments of production and teaching of knowledge, are thus wasted. The World Institute of Retired Scientists - WIRS, has the objective to remedy this situation.

WIRS is one result of the activities of the Research Centre for Global Governance (RCGG). See web site http: //

The proposal is to establish WIRS where the retired scientists and intellectuals in all fields of knowledge from around the world can come together to do essentially whatever they would like to contribute. They will be provided with infrastructures and the opportunity to discuss with their peers their "innovative" ideas, do research on personal projects, on the subjects that probably did not fit in to their institutional objectives, write books and articles, teach, and essentially carry out what they yearned to do during their pre-retirement work but did not have the opportunity to realize it. The young scientists and the seekers of knowledge will also come to WIRS to learn while becoming their research assistants.

The retired scientists theoretically can stay for as long as they wish, from a few weeks per year to a permanent stay. They will be offered the best hospitality available at WIRS at no cost and will be given the highest respect which they deserve.

All the countries specially the developing countries with a vision of the future are expected to want to have a WIRS Center in their countries. It will bring prestige and wealth to the host country. The host country will benefit from bringing in a great bank of knowledge and help advance their scientific efforts at a minimum of cost. It will also bring material wealth to the host country as many people will travel to WIRS Centers to seek knowledge, i. e. Scientific tourism. WIRS will become the melting pot for all of the scientists and intellectuals of the world. The interaction between these highly capable people will lead to new and important knowledge. Around WIRS will grow a scientific community with many junior scientists and students from all over the world who will come to learn. It will become a center of learning.

The scientists participating in WIRS should enjoy a very high moral standard such that their intellectual efforts result in the well being of humankind.

We must have a clear vision of WIRS, its role and its purpose, a vision, which will be periodically reexamined, modified and re-stated in keeping with the progress of WIRS.

WIRS should be considered as an organic institution which should grow and develop like a living being. As an organic process, by applying the altruistic principles and using the art of consultation WIRS will grow and fulfill its objectives.

I invite your comments and suggestions.

Thanking you in advance for your valuable contributions.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. F. Sefidvash,
RCGG Coordinator,



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