World Institute of Retired Scientists


WIRS is the melting pot of eminent scientists of the world

A View from WIRS Resort Hotel

A View from WIRS Resort Hotel


Knowledge is treasury of humankind
Scientists are the treasurers of humanity

Dear Scientist, Have you ever had an idea to which some people have said it is an utopia? Now you have the chance to discuss it with your peers in an inspiring atmosphere of natural beauty. Wirs provides you with such a possibility.Please fill out the following form: Click for Application Form

Be our guest in the beautiful gaucho mountains in Brazil to discuss your paradigm breaking ideas with your peers.

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Members: Eminent retired scientists and those who have less than 10 years to retire in all fields of knowledge.

Participants: All seekers of knowledge

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WIRS Module 01 - Globalization and Nuclear Energy
February 17-23, 2002. Hotel Laje de Pedra, Canela, RS, Brazil



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Started in Aug/16/2001