Technical information

Parameter Value
Net power generation (MWe) 40
Power generation (MWt) 134
Core power density (KWt/lit) 33.7
Pump power (MWe) 3.4
Coolant volume (m³) 12
Coolant mass flow (kg/sec) 668
Coolant pressure (bar) 160
Pressure loss in the loop (bar) 100
Pressure loss in the bed (bar) 9.5
Terminal velocity (m/sec) 1.64
Coolant inlet temperature (ºC) 290
Coolant outlet temperature (°C) 326
Coolant inlet enthalpy (kJ/kg) 1284
Coolant inlet density (kg/m³ ) 747
Enthalpy rise in the core (kJ/kg) 1490
Film boiling convective heat transfer coefficient at 300 ºC ( W/m²ºC ) 454
Fuel element average thermal conductivity (W/m.ºC) 30.58
Fuel element average specific heat (J/kg.ºC) 802.5
Fuel element average density (gr/cm³) 4.041
Maximum fuel temperature after a LOCA (ºC) < 357
Coolant temperature rise after a LOFA after 10 days (ºC) < 1
Water needed to cool during 10 days after LOCA (m³) 0.45
Module dimensions:  
Core height (cm) 200
Core inner diameter (cm) 20
Core outer diameter (cm) 160
Core volume (m³) 3.96
Fuel in the core (Ton) 9.6
UO2 in the core (Ton) 4.8
Fuel element  
Fuel element diameter (cm) 1.5
SiC clad thickness (cm) 0.1
Number of microspheres in a fuel element. 165
Number of fuel elements in the core 1.34x10 6
UO2 in each fuel element (% vol) 19.3
Dense graphite in each fuel element (% vol) 27.8
Porous graphite in each fuel element (% vol) 7.4
SiC in each fuel element (% vol) 45.5
UO2 density (gr/cm³) 10.5
PYC porous density (gr/cm³) 1.0
PYC dense density (gr/cm³) 1.8
SiC density (gr/cm³) 3.17


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